Penis Extender Vs Vacuum Pump

penis extenderSometimes men think that penis extenders and vacuum pumps are made by the same principle and have the same purpose and result.

But by definition, the penis extender is a traction device that is used for penis enlargement. The vacuum pump is made for a lot of different purposes.

The main purpose is to give erection the user by creating a vacuum inside the pump. Men that used vacuum pumps claim temporary bigger penis.

The penis extender is a traction device and the working principle is that applying constant traction to the penis will make cells to divide, the result being a bigger penis. Vacuum pump create a vacuum inside the pump and extend the penis by forcing it to get filled with blood for some time until it gets hard and ready for sex.

For a guaranteed result a penis extender must be used on a daily basis for at least six months, without overstretching. For a vacuum pump the time needed for use is 15 to 20 minutes and the result will be an erection with short life and effects.

penis extenderUsers claim that the result of wearing a penis extender is up to 3inches in 6 months. The penis extender should be used on a daily plan. Penis pump will give temporary a half an inch. If the penis extender is used properly there will be no side effect. Men used vacuum pump claimed injuries like swelling, temporary penis paralysis.

The penis pump price can be as high as 150USD. Penis extenders can start from 170USD, but the penis pump can never be compared to a penis extender.

The result is that a penis extender is far better that a penis pump, the penis extender can offer permanent result, safer and guaranteed.

Good luck choosing the best penis enlargement method that suits you.