How to Increase Sperm Count

Performer 5

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Why is it called Performer 5?

It is so because there are five main benefits of the preparation:

  • Up to five times more ejaculation each time you have sex
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  • Fertility improvement

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Semenax is a natural dietary supplement that increases the production of sperm greatly!

Semenax stimulates your body, making it work more intensively, and regulates muscle tone, which results in producing the maximum amount of sperm. Moreover, the preparation makes the sperm more fluid and improves its viability.

You will experience enduring and explosive orgasms when you multiply the amount of sperm by several times with the help of this amazing supplement! Semenax will maintain your potency at any age, so you’ll be ready to go at every suitable opportunity. Semenax is very popular among studs from sex-industry. You can call it their secret pill however now you are able to use it yourself!

You will feel a great difference after just a couple of days by taking only 3 pills a day. Semenax is a dietary supplement, not a drug, so the prescription is not necessary. You can order Semenax directly from the web-site by clicking on ‘Order Now’ button. This product consists of only natural ingredients that include herbs from Europe, Asia and South America, and amino acids. Therefore, it doesn’t have any side effects and doesn’t affect your health.


  • Increases the amount of sperm by 5 to 7 times!
  • Longer lasting orgasms
  • Harder and more long-lasting erection
  • Strong sexual desire
  • Multiorgasms
  • Absolutely organic composition
  • Improves fertility
  • Best multivitamin

Why increase the amount of sperm?

By doing that you will not only make the orgasm last much longer, but also you’ll feel that it has become more intense and satisfying. Maximum pleasure is guaranteed!

What do I get from using Semenax?

This “magical” product will provide you with plenty of sperm, durable and intense orgasms, avalanche of sexual desire, rock-solid erection, powerful ejaculation and enriched fertility. Your sexual partner will be begging for more!

Is it safe to use Semenax?

It is 100% safe to use this preparation as it contains only natural herbal extracts. You will feel a tremendous change to the better in your sexual potential after just several days.

Some valuable components:

Pollen of Swedish flowers. Over the years this ingredient has gained excellent reputation in supporting men’s energy and strength. It provides reproductive system with essential microelements that help sustain its health.

L-Lysine. It was proven that this amino acid stimulates the production of testosterone and improves sperm’s quality.

Pine bark extract helps to produce nitrous oxide in a human body which is one of the main chemical components of the male genital sphere. Moreover, this extract is very effective in curing erectile dysfunction.

Volume Pills

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Besides the fact that you will shoot enormous amount of sperm your erection will be much harder due to the fact that increase in volume of the semen enhances abilities of your penile muscles as well.

Various researches show that women prefer men who able to produce lots of semen because of the inherent reproductive instinct. A man who has more semen is thought to be more capable for reproduction and consequently more sexually attractive.

Volume Pills consist of purely natural ingredients such as various herbal extracts that are mixed together in very precise proportions in order to provide you with the most effective treatment. You don’t have to feel nervous about taking Volume Pills because it’s completely safe and has NO SIDE EFFECTS. Due to its natural composition Volume Pills is over-the-counter dietary supplement. It means that you can order it now right from the web-site you are on and get the pack of the pills in very short time period!

In just 60 days of taking the Volume Pills you may expect following benefits:

  • Significant increase in volume of sperm
  • Much better control over the process of erection
  • Bigger and harder erection
  • Better blood flow to penile vessels
  • Higher Libido
  • Greater control over ejaculation

However, according to researches the best results appear on the third month of using the preparation. In ninety days you will be able to shoot enormous loads of cum making your woman to afire with passion. It would be so great that you’d be impressed yourself!

Volume Pills provide permanent effects that will stay forever so this is great value for money. Just compare how much money you would spend to achieve the same results with Viagra which cost about $30 per pill and you have to pay each time you want to have sex!

Does Weight Affect Sperm Quality?

Many Americans, both men and women are overweight or obese. This is more then just an appearance issue, but one that also can affects an individuals’ health, including their sexual health.

There are no known studies that link obesity to poor sperm quality, However, there are indirect links concerning a decrease in sexual satisfaction and sperm quality. Larger people tend to opt out of sex more often then individuals that are not overweight. Overweight individuals also tend to report less satisfaction when they do engage in it.

Consistent sex is necessary for the body’s secretion of testosterone. Testosterone affects a person’s sex drive and how spermatogenic tissue grows in the testes. These tissues help to produce sperm.

A decrease in testosterone is normal in individuals that do not get regular exercise. It also leads to a decrease in libido. When it is low, men will not want to have sex as much and they will not find it as pleasurable. Also, if individuals take in foods that have estrongenic effects (Many of our common foods do. You would be surprised!) they may suffer from a smaller penis and testicles.

Individuals that are overweight typically have poor diets that do not include enough zinc. Zinc is very important. A deficiency in this mineral can lead to the loss of hair, cause body tissues to waste away and lesions to appear on the skin. Zinc is also vital for sperm production, including its’ quality and motility. Sperm quality will suffer without enough zinc.

While it is not definitive, it can be argued that being overweight negatively affects the quality of one’s sperm and sexual life. This is partly because these individuals do not have sex as often, which effects testosterone production. A cycle is then created because less testosterone leads to less sex. Overweight individuals also tend to be less active and this also negatively effects testosterone production. The food that individuals eat also affects sperm production and quality. A diet full of foods with high amounts of estrogen can affect testosterone as well as penis and testicle size. Some men are even known to grow breasts or “man boobs.” Low levels of zinc can also lead to poor sperm quality. It affects the sperm’s motility. Therefore, men who are looking to strengthen the quality of their sperm should lose weight, eat a balanced diet, get enough zinc and exercise. If these guidelines are followed, men should increase their chances of producing healthy and strong sperm which will increase the likelihood of conception.