Sizegenetics Penis Extender Review

Search the internet and you’ll come across many penis extenders that cost $99 – $500 and promise the same thing. At first glance all the devices look the same, it’s easy to assume that the more expensive ones just include more extras. Right?


SizeGenetics is a superior penis extender that is manufactured in Europe, it carries the CE safety stamp and is a Type 1 Medical device. Most cheaper devices are made in China and won’t provide you with the same results.

SizeGenetics benefits:

Add length to your penis
Boosted confidence & self-esteem
Thicker and fuller erections
Happier and more rewarding sex life

The SizeGenetics penis extender is offered in three very different packages. The Basic Package is oriented for budget-conscious individuals, while the Ultimate Package offers various items of equipment for the most sought after gains.

Don’t let this hype fool you though, as with everything good in life comes a price and sometimes, you have to pay more to receive more. Especially with the ultimate package by SizeGenetics. For what it is worth, it has much to offer for the most serious penis enlargement practitioners – you know who you are, the far and few between that take a natural approach when it comes to this stuff.

Not just the extender helps your penis grow, if you want the fastest gains offered from SizeGenetics, then you may want to consider this particular package. As a front, the only details that differ with this package from the next one down are the bonus items/features.

SizeGenetics 58 Way Comfort System & 2300G Tension Spring Upgrade

Once in a blue moon does a penis enlargement product get upgraded. More often than not, a complete rebranding will occur and the same product that once was a poor or excellent product now becomes the latest and greatest on the market.

SizeGenetics, in all its glory and future endeavors has raised the bar to a new standard of penis enlargement – well it has caught up to what the best penis extenders brands are doing at least.

Its new comfort system has been completely revamped from a 16-way comfort tech system to a HUGE 58-way comfort system. Options are the key to successfully using a penis extender for all that it is and when you have the ability to completely tailor your penis extender to your preference, your success rate substantially improves after a few simple choices.


So a huge comfort upgrade was the perfect upgrade for SizeGenetics. To take penis extension to an even further level, the tension springs have risen from 1500G to 2300G. All it takes is that much more stretching tension over a short period of time to really boost SG’s easy ability to add on inches.

However, SizeGenetics was already sitting pretty the way it was. Do you really need to opt for the latest version or will one of the simplified SG packages suffice for all your penis enlargement needs?

Do You Need SizeGenetics New Upgrades?

There are many non-essential items that are packaged with penis extender packages today. You really don’t need them. Do you need 58 different ways to wear a penis extender? To say this is excessive is accurate, but what makes this aspect significant is the ability to wear SizeGenetics in a way that makes it feel extra comfy, while simultaneously enhancing its results.

Extraneous items such as special creams, anti-bacterial wipes, gold coated extension rods, or special powder don’t really provide you with value, rather more money in a company’s bank account.

But as times change and penis enlargement itself begins to succumb to its own variation of enhancement, men will say thank you for the shorter time it now takes to add measurable inches.

Are 2300G Tension Springs Safe To Use?

They can be if you use them at a certain point of your treatment. You can set them to exert minimal stretching tension, but as your progress, more stretching tension will begin to produce results faster.

It comes down to allowing your penis to adapt to the stretching tension. It’s the same concept as weight lifting – you can’t just start at a high weight and expect the best results. You have to stagger tension amounts so you get the most out of stretching tension without harming penile tissue.

How Do These Upgrades Compare To Competing Brands?

X4 Labs offers a very similar support system and has been offering it for some time now. Many men have opted for X4 Labs due to its lower price range and better usability. SizeGenetics is on par with X4, but when it comes down to price, X4 definitely beats out SG.

Take a look at X4 Labs support system for more details and checkout our revised SizeGenetics review for updated information on this one of a kind penis extender.

Benefit Of The Doubt – 180 Day Refund Guarantee

When in doubt request a refund. When purchasing either the Ultimate Package or the Device by itself, you automatically have the reassurance of a 180-day guarantee.

Since we perform research for you, you might also want to know that in order to request a refund, you must have used the PenisHealth exercise techniques and the device for a minimum of 180 days. If you cannot commit to these actions, let’s hope you return it within a week of purchase because you might be upset if you hadn’t read this first.

Luxury Leather Case W/ Lock & Key

You need to store the device when you are not using it, right? You get an upgraded luxury kit for that comes with a lock and key. Privacy matters to some, possibly you and you don’t want anyone to accidentally discover your secret. This benefits the surprise factor – your girl won’t know what just happened!

Travel Case

One the go much? Be prepared for traveling sessions so you never miss out on a day that you could have been stretching. Small, compact, and discreet, it won’t take up that much room so feel free to travel anywhere with the SizeGenetics device.

PenisHealth Online

PenisHealth is one of the leading enlargement programs used to naturally increase penis size and function by hand. It is offered in DVD form, which you also receive, but with online access, you do not need to carry an extra DVD with you. Just login and jump into your exercise routine, it’s pretty much that easy.

Of course the DVD is still useful, you might find yourself wanting to practice on a bigger screen!

*In order to qualify for the 180 day refund, you must use the exercises featured with PenisHealth in conjunction of using the SizeGenetics device as recommended. This is why terms matter, so read carefully when you think you find a treatment worthy of a purchase.

Revita Cream

You can help nourish your penis with this cream after an extension period. Girls do it all of the time all over their body’s and it actually looks good when done frequently. Imagine her seeing how supple and health your penis is? Its good for you anyways, so consider it a benefit.

Traction Plus Powder

For a traction device to be effective, it must be secured to your penis and able to grip just behind its glans (head). In the past, extenders were notorious for slipping out of position. This could seriously interrupt your day and your gains if this occurs often.

As a precautionary and to help the device work optimally, traction plus powder comes with the Ultimate System so you can use the device with peace of mind that it will not budge from its position. One of the many perks of the best SizeGenetics package.

Device Wipes

This is too important, but if you need to clean your device, but you not in a position to find a bathroom, handy wipes come with the this package. Unusual benefit to receive, but regardless still beneficial.

LoveCentria Online

This is basically an extra way to promote the advantages of sexual advice and entertainment DVD’s. After reading up on the details for LoveCentria on SG’s official site, this really does not offer too much to the consumer.

It clarifies at least 34 techniques, at least 100 demonstration videos, and a minimum of 200 photographs about how to perform a particular technique regarding the sexual advice and entertainment DVDs available…”supposedly”.

Not too promising and sounds like a bunch of filler, but it must do something since it is included in the Ultimate Package.

So don’t forget, there is no other penis extender that comes with all of this. You can read up on this material directly from the manufacturer by visiting the SizeGenetics Official Site.

Ever since the first penis extenders came out in the 1990s, these devices have become the favorite option for men who are looking to get a bigger penis. And there are good reasons for this.

First of all, when compared to the penis enlargement surgery, penis extenders are much more affordable and immeasurably safer.

In addition to this, they produce effects that no other penis enlargement option has ever been able to and what is even more important all of this is backed by science and not wishful thinking like with some other penis enlargement options.

Today, we would like to tell you a bit about SizeGenetics, one of the most famous penis extenders of all times.

SizeGenetics is a name that is well known among those people who are familiar with the field of penis extenders and the reasons for this are abundant.

For one, it is manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the game that knows how important it is to stay in contact with their customers and how important it is for their customers to have the best possible experience.

And really, this is the first thing that you notice when you start using their product, SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is a penis extender that has been constantly improved over the years and that has always been one of the most advanced products in the field. This has resulted in the effects that can stand up against the ones that you can get from all the leading products in the field.

For instance, just recently, they updated their design so that it now involves a 16-way comfort system which enables you to wear your SizeGenetics exactly as it pleases you, providing you with the most comfortable penis extender experience ever, which as a result has much larger gain in size.

SizeGenetics is also popular due to the many years it has been on the market and the abundance of positive feedback from the customers. When you look for sizegenetics reviews, you are never more than a click away from the next positive testimonial from real men who have tried this product and for whom it has been the best aid in gaining confidence that only a big penis can provide.

Another thing that testifies for the SizeGenetics’ incredible efficiency and unprecedented safety are all the medical endorsements that the device got from numerous doctors and experts from all corners of this planet. They have been recommending SizeGenetics for years and when you see the results for yourself, you will know exactly why this is so. SizeGenetics is quite simply among the leading and most efficient penis extenders on the market.

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