Male Edge Pro Retail Package Review

The Male Edge Pro Retail package is DanaLife’s top of the line penis enlargement system. All packages that come with the Male Edge penis extender are tagged with a very nice and affordable price, differing only by $40 dollars from the cheapest package offered.

This can say quite a bit about quality, seeing how the premium package is only $40 more, so we set out on a mission to evaluate the benefits and the disadvantages of the Male Edge Pro Retail package compared to its lesser siblings and equivalent competitors.

This article will provide insight on everything that comes in the Pro Retail package, how it adds up, if it works better than similar packages, and if the price is the best you can get for one of the better penis extender brands available.

First, I’m going to go over what it is in detail, so if you are looking for analysis, jump down to about half way through this article to get what you came for.

What Is The Pro Retail System?

It is a specialized penis enlargement package featuring the Male Edge penile stretching device. This is a premium package that is designed for PE practitioners looking for serious equipment to help lengthen and widen penis size.

This package remains in the shadows of elite extender packages based on inspection, but if you know how to harness this type of extender, it can be just as good as one of the best penis stretchers out there.

What Does It Come With?

It features everything you need to successfully enlarge your penis. These are the items you need in order to do so:

  • The Male Edge penis extender

  • Modern strap based fastener attachment components (4 to be exact)

  • Foam padding to help optimize comfort

  • Cohesive gauze to improve the feel of the device when attached to your penis. Also to negate irritation from direct contact and to avoid slippage (the device falling off)

  • A ruler to record measurements as you can progress through treatment in a timely manner without wasting time because of failed attempts

  • A specially designed training program to help you every step of the way

You also get a travel bag to store everything and instructions to help you learn how to use Male Edge specifically.

What Are The Benefits Of All Of This?

Based on what you receive and the price you pay, this is the most cost-effective penis enlargement package available. Compared to high end brands such as SizeGenetics, X4 Labs, Quick Extender Pro, or The Jes Extender, all of which can cost more than $400, the $219.00 price tag is literally a bargain just waiting to be found.

When it comes to component quality, strap based fasteners are the latest way to attach a traction device to your penis and with four of them in total, you can keep enlarging your penis for well over a year. This can add up to gains of over 3 inches if you extend long enough.

The Male Edge device is also produced by a reputable company that manufactures durable device that can and will last the test of time of you take care of what you have and use it wisely.

Options are one of the biggest factors that help you succeed and with protective / anti-slippage gauze in conjunction too padding to improve the comfort aspect, you can extend in a discreet and confidential manner without having to worry about the device falling off and ceasing the process of penis enlargement.

No many PE sites mention a measuring device because most men that write about this type of device have never even worn a device like Male Edge. You need one because to progress through treatment, you will have to record progress to ensure you are on the right track and have not hit a plateau.

Monitoring progress is essential to making the most of every traction session you subject your penis too. It takes just a minute or two to do so and with a ruler that is designed to measure penile proportions, you can get it done and out of the way quickly.

The guide that comes along is valuable if you want to remain eligible for the 200% money back guarantee and to help make the most of using this particular extension device. Very few brands off an actual guide with your purchase, giving Male Edge an advantage right out of the box.

You can see how quickly the benefits add up, but what if the device breaks?

How Durable Is Male Edge?

Well, the size it up, Male Edge is a spin-off of the legendary jes Extender PE device. This is one of the most reputable penis extenders in the game and is notorious for its ideal results, comfortable operation, and durable design. To say Male Edge is anything less is a complete misconception. The only reason it is a spin off is so that men can avoid spinning a small fortune on one of the big brands! So you can rest assured that it will not break on you. Especially due to the fact it is backed with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

How Do Male Edge Compare To Similar Device?

In comparison to the price, it outperforms what you get from other penis extenders. You get all of the latest and greatest components that come with packages that cost double the price, minus a few tech-savvy components like double traction systems and components like velcro fasteners.

Compared to SizeGenetics equivalent package, which comes with just an extender and noose fastener. The Pro Retail package provides you with a better fastener type, support system, piece of mind, and overall results.

SizeGenetics is one of the best brands, if not the best because of its Ultimate System, but for the price you pay, you may want to reconsider packages like the Pro Retail.

Is It Worth Considering Even Though Not The Best?

Absolutely. If you are like most guys and have a budget to maintain, Male Edge, no matter the package it comes in, is worth every cent spent to get a quality penis enlargement system. If you want the best possible outcome, you should be considering a one time investment into a bigger and better package, but if want a package that is cost effective, offers high value, and produces remarkable results, I’d say the Male Edge Pro Retail in perfect if you fit the description.


The key to using Male Edge is educating yourself simply on the basics and learning as you progress. Do you see the other articles about Male Edge in the left-hand navigation pane? Explore those and be sure to read the Male Edge review just above.

While you are at itm take a few minutes to learn how penile stretching works regarding the function of a penis extender like Male Edge and build you confidence. Then you are much more likely to to succeed. All of you have to do is stay motivated by reminding yourself daily of whats to come and extend safely. If you have any questions, please use the ask an expert contact form to thel left or comment below!

The Male Edge Double Refund Guarantee Assessment

As is, the Male Edge penis extender is not the sharpest tool in the shed, metaphorically speaking, but it does have some pretty great perks applied to every package it is featured in.

A big one being its guarantee. Unlike every other penis extender today, when you purchase from DanaLife, the company behind this male enhancement device, they are so confident in their product, they promise it will make your penis longer and thicker or they will give you 200% of your total purchase price back.

Now that is a deal that can be difficult to live up to for most companies since they never give you the hard facts right then and their. The Male Edge website doesn’t even have small print for you to look at because they present the facts blatantly for you to see without having to dig around their site or understand catch after catch just to make sure you remain eligible for a refund if need be.

There are a few details you need to abide by for eligibility purposes, which are detailed below.

Male Edge Refund Guidelines

To qualify for a refund, you must make sure you follow these steps starting the very moment you attach the extender to your penis.

  • Take pictures on the device  the first time you wear it, place a ruler alongside it, and snap a shot of this happening.
  • At the end of treatment, attach the device, place a ruler alongside it, and capture an image. At this point your penis should be considerably larger.
  • When you purchase your package, you will need to visit the “My Male Edge” page on their official website where you can login into your account. You should follow the progamme created for using this device. While you’re following it step-by-step, login to your account and record your progress at least once a week.

That’s it! This is all you have to do to get your refund after you complete the programme that comes with your purchase.

How Many Men Have Requested A Refund?

Up to this very day, none. Not a single man has ever needed to request a refund. However, this may not apply to the individuals who ended up not following the guidelines above and terminated their eligibility status. Serves them right!

You should always know what you are getting yourself into, especially regarding brand specific policies. You truly do not know how you and your penis will react to traction or the feel of wearing a device on your penis daily. It’s a good thing you found this website! We go over every detail that matters and lay it out flat so you don’t have to cross reference numerous pages just to understand something simple.

What Is The Refund Process Like?

It is straightforward. All you have to do is contact Male Edge support, explain your situation, send them the photos you have taken, they will verify you followed their specified guidelines, and approve your request. You do have to pay for shipping however.

Warranty Information

You device comes with a full two-year warranty. Even more peace of mind and security. It just goes to show you that as the customer, you are prioritized at the top, where you ought to be.

Worrying about the device breaking should not be on your mind anyways. Unless you sit on it or put it under extreme stress or pressure, it’s durability will hold up.

Plain and simple, you get a high level of service from a team of manufacturing experts and the blessing of relative medical professionals concurring that it is a device worth dealing with in order to make your penis bigger.

How Did Our First-hand Experience With Support Go?

Like we always do when reviewing a product, we anonymously contact support acting like a concerned customer. We don’t take no for an answer either, if something seems off when we get a response, we question it, and continue to question even if that means questioning questions. There were a few answers that mimicked a response a politician would give you – not directly answering the question, instead providing an explanation that had no real meaning.

Everything went smoothly until they asked for customer specific information, which we obviously did not have, but going through the process we did, it went exceptionally well. If you follow the guidelines they have set up, you should not run into any problems.

For more information, head over to the official Male Edge website and see for yourself how blatant the information every company should be telling you is easy to locate in just a few clicks and even easier to understand. More information about this penis extender can be accessed from our Male Edge category section on our site. If you’re interested in this PE product, we strongly urge you to read as much as you can so you make an educated decision and confident purchase.

The Science Behind The Male Edge Penis Extender

There is plenty of documentation that backs the Male Edge Penis Extender, which is one of many reasons why we rank it as one of the best penis extenders available. If you are considering this device and would like to read legitimate proof about why it works to effectively increase penis size 28% in length and 19% in girth, all you need to read is below.

For additional resources, you can visit this page and read the facts from the manufacturer. However, the explanations presented below are easier to comprehend since we are well versed with terminology associated with penis extenders.

British Journal Of Urology Research – REAL RESULTS

The BJU research center used the Male Edge penis extender for a 24 week assessment that included clinical testing to determine if in fact Male Edge can really promise the results in claims to provide. The trial involved 18 men between the ages of 23 and 47.

Here is what materials and methods were used:

  • Patient count: 18 men
  • Age(s): 23 – 47
  • Included details: Typical erection volume and no history of penile surgery
  • Excluded details: Chronic diseases
  • Traction exertion: 0 – 14 days (900 – 1000g), 15 – 168 days (1000 – 1200g)
  • Treatment Length: 12 hours daily, 7 days, 8 – 24 weeks
  • Patient follow-up: Every 2 weeks

Results From This Study

Improvement in length while erect averaged out to 1.1 inches after 1100 hours at 1200 grams of traction. Flaccid length increase results in 0.75 of an inch. No complications arose throughout the entire length of treatment.

Authors’ Thoughts

I, Chris Thompson, the person writing this wore a penis extender for over 3000+ hours and gained over 2 inches in erect length and just over an inch in erect girth. I am what you call a grower, not a shower when flaccid, so the real improvement was for my erect size and somewhat for my flaccid size. The statistics gathered from this trial are on target to what you should expect using a device such as Male Edge or similar.

Why Male Edge Was Chosen For Testing

There are plenty of penis extenders available for testing, but why was Male Edge chosen over other devices? For one it is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is classified as a certified class medical device.

Due to the above clinical trial, Male Edge has been medically tested and certified, so there’s the proof that it can make your penis bigger or straighten penile curvature. Each and every device is constructed from 100% medical grade components and materials and designed with a light weight feel, is hypo-allergenic, and is easy to use.