Jes Extender Review: If You Want a Bigger Penis, Go With Jes Extender

If you are looking for a penis extender, there is no better choice than Jes Extender. Even though penis extension has been used for centuries, About Jes Extendermodern penis extenders didn’t enter the medical community until 1995 when a man name Jes Muller of Denmark invented Jes Extender.

Jes traction device is the first ever medical penis extender. However, it was not initially developed for penis extension. Rather, it was used to help patients recovering from penis lengthening surgery. To lengthen the penis with surgery, the ligament which attached the penis within the pelvic area must be cut. If a constant pulling pressure isn’t applied to the penis after surgery, then the ligament will reattach. This was what the original Jes Extender was made for.

Before it could be used medically, Jes Extender had to be thoroughly tested for effectiveness. The studies included both men who had undergone surgery and men who had not. The experts were surprised to see that even the men who hadn’t undergone lengthening surgery saw increases in their penis size. Further, the men in the studies experienced penis thickening – something which even lengthening surgery cannot achieve!

It was clear that Jes Muller had discovered something spectacular. Men would be able to increase their penis sizes without having to undergo dangerous surgery. All you need to do in order to get a bigger penis with Jes Extender is wear the device several hours daily. On average, men experience lengthening of 28% and widening of 19%.

Since Jes Extender first came out on the market, the company has constantly performed research to improve their extender design. Even though many other cheap imitations have come onto the market, Jes Extender remains at the top of the competition. No other penis extender can compare to the outstanding quality and effectiveness that Jes Extender gives.

Over 500,000 men have used Jes Extender successfully and gotten bigger penises without surgery. Jes Extender is so effective that they even offer an iron-clad guarantee. If your penis doesn’t get bigger after 1000 hours of using Jes Extender, you will get double your money back! You have an entire year to claim your refund. That means the Jes Extender is two times bigger and twice as long as any other product on the market. The science behind Jes Extender is solid which is why no man who has used Jes Extender correctly has had to ask for a refund yet!

It is actually as simple as that. Over the many years that I have been reviewing different ways in which one can increase the size of his penis, I have come to the conclusion that Jes Extender is the only way in which you can enlarge your penis and be safe at the same time.

And I have more than a decade or reviewing different penis enlargement options behind me, meaning that I have heard of them all and I have seen them all. Also tried quite a few.

And I still have to encounter a penis enlargement option that can stand up to and compare with Jes Extender. It may be an oldie but it is still a goodie. In fact, it should be called a bestie.


I still remember when I first started reviewing penis enlargement products. It was back in 1999 and things weren’t looking great. The market was still flooded with penis pumps and advertisements for different natural pills and other kinds of supplements that were supposed to make your penis grow over time.

I even tried a few pumps and quite a few of those natural pills. It turned out that these natural pills weren’t that natural and besides being absolutely useless, some of them were manufactured god knows where under god knows which circumstances, which resulted in me getting ill for a few days after one such “natural” pill.


If you want a bigger penis, go with Jes ExtenderI was very new at this back then and it took me some time to notice Jes Extender, a device that was getting rave reviews and which was being lauded as the ultimate solution for enlarging the penis.

I thought it was yet another pump and due to the inefficiency of the pumps I have tried out, I sort of avoided it. Luckily, I got to my senses and researched a bit more.

It turned out that Jes Extender was not a pump, but a stretching device. This intrigued me.


I then found out that it is only manufactured in Denmark by the company that developed it. This sounded great. The science behind Jes Extender also seemed sound. Stretching leads to the enlargement of cells inside the penis, creation of small spaces between cells and creation of new cells that are going to fill those spaces. I knew something about other instances in which this process is applied and it sounded like a great idea. I ordered my Jes Extender.

When it came, I was afraid that it will be very uncomfortable. It has two steel rods, a base that was comfortable at first touch and a ring/strap that goes around the glans of the penis. When I put it on, I was so surprised at how comfortable it is, that I thought I was doing something wrong. I wasn’t. IN a few weeks, I started wearing it to work and no one had the slightest idea that I was wearing something underneath my clothes.


If you want a bigger penis, go with Jes ExtenderI first noticed an increase in four months. I was wearing Jes Extender all the time and after four months, I was up almost an inch. It was staggering. I never experienced this before and I wanted to see how much more I can gain. In the following year, I gained another inch and a quarter, which meant that I was almost 2 inches bigger than I was before I started using Jes Extender. On top of all that, I had the feeling that my erections were better and I later found out that it had to do with the creation of new, younger and better cells in my penis.


I have tried out several other penis extenders that were all variations on Jes Extender, the one, and the original penis extender, but somehow Jes Extender always seemed too good for these to even try and compete with it. Sometimes they just do it best the first time they try and that is the case with Jes Extender. It is simply a product that is still, more than 15 years after it was introduced, the best solution for every man out there who wants to gain a few inches that make all the difference.

The Science Behind Jes Extender

The science behind Jes Extender goes back hundreds of years to areas of Africa. Many African tribes utilized primitive methods of extension, also called “hanging” or “stretching.” In northern Uganda, men would carve circular discs out of rocks and put these over their penises starting at The Science behind Jes Extenderpuberty. Over the years, their penises would get incredibly longer – up to 18 inches. Despite being so long, their penises retained thick girths. This confused researchers who though that the penis hanging just stretched out the penis.

It took over a century before scientists began to research extension as a means of penis enlargement. Jes Extender is responsible for the sudden interest in penis enlargement – and it happened by accident.

In the early 1990s, Jes Muller (current CEO of DanaMedic, the company which makes Jes Extender) was commissioned to make a device for treating patients after penis surgeries. During certain surgeries in which the penis ligament is cut, penis shortening could occur. Doctors believed that a device which applied pressure on the penis would be able to prevent this shortening. They were surprised to discover that the device (now Jes Extender) did much more than this – it increased penis length and girth.

DanaMedic has conducted many clinical studies into penis extension which prove its effectiveness and safety. During these trials, the average gains were 28% in length and 19% in girth. Penis extension with Jes Extender is incredibly effective with over 95% of men having success. Jes Extender can also be used to correct Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which the penis curves abnormally. In trials, curvatures could be corrected by 70% or more.

Aside from the many studies which DanaMedic has performed in their efforts to deliver you the most effective penis extender possible, there have been many independent studies into penis extension for non-surgical enlargement. Here are some of the most prestigious studies:
 A Pilot Phase II Prospective Study to Test the Efficacy and Tolerability of A Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Short Penis, published in the British Journal of Urology International, March 2009
• Penile Enlargement without Surgery, presented by Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego at the 1st Virtual Sexology and Hispanoamerican Sexual Education Congress in 2001
• Effects on Penile Size with Penile Extensor by Traction Force, performed by the Shanghai Institute of Andrology in 2001
• Efficacy of The Daily Penis Stretching Technique to Elongate the Small Penis, presented at the 5th Congress of European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research in 2002
• Can an External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature?, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research in 2001
• Conservative Treatment in a Case of Induratio Penis Plastica, presented at the XXI National Congress of the SIA Regional Sections in 2004

Jes Extender has used this new research when designing clinical tests for their device. The continued research into penis extension has helped Jes Extender make innovative changes to their design so you get the most comfortable, effective and safe penis enlargement device possible.

How the Jes Extender Works

How Jes Extender Works

Jes Extender uses a clinically proven method of cytokinesis to make your penis get larger, both in length and in girth. The way that this method works is very similar to lifting weight for growing muscles. Obviously, your penis doesn’t have bones or connective tissues so it cannot lift weights by itself. That is where Jes Extender comes in to give your penis a daily workout for size enhancement.

How Jes Extender WorksWhen you lift weights, you are actually making tiny tears in your muscle tissue. Your body responds to the tears by forcing muscle cells to replicate. The new cells fill in all of the small tears. Over time, your penis will get both wider and longer.

Even though Jes Extender is sometimes called a “penis stretcher”, this term is actually very misleading. While it does work by stretching your penis forward, the size growth does not occur from the stretching. If this were the case, you would end up with an elongated but thinner penis. We know that width is just as (if not more) important than length so this would be very counterproductive. Rather, penis stretching is like a workout for your penis.

As the Jes Extender pulls your penis forward, it makes small tears in your penis tissue. As with weight lifting, these tears get filled in with new cell growth. The more you wear Jes Extender, the more growth you will experience.

It is important to realize that there are limits to penis extension with any device. Think of the weight lifting analogy: you wouldn’t start lifting the heaviest barbells on day one, right? In this same way, you wouldn’t want to start stretching your penis on the maximum tension. Rather, it is important to use a gradual tension when you start penis extension. As you continue through the program, you can increase the tension.

Jes Extender allows you to adjust the tension from 900 to 1200 grams. During clinical trials with Jes Extender, these were the pressures which were most effective and still ensure safe penis extension. All quality penis extenders should be precisely calibrated for tension. If a penis extender doesn’t list its tension or allow you to adjust the tension on the device, then you should avoid it completely: it is not a medical grade extender and could cause your penis harm. Penis extension should never be painful or uncomfortable.

When you order Jes Extender, you will receive a DVD with precise video instructions showing you how to wear the extension device. You will also receive a recommended training program. This training program is clinically tested to give you safe results in the fastest time. However, you How Jes Extender Worksdo not have to follow this exact program. Every time you wear Jes Extender, even if just a couple hours per week, you are getting a larger penis – it will just take longer to reach maximum results.

As with weight lifting, there is a maximum amount of growth that you will experience. Most men experience most penis growth within the first 4 months of using Jes Extender. After that, the growth slows down. Over a course of 6 months, the average gains were 28% of initial length and 19% of initial girth. While results vary, you will get results with Jes Extender! Penis extension is proven to work which is why Jes Extender is confident about its double money-back guarantee!

Will Jes Extender Affect the Quality of My Erections?

Many men want to know whether using Jes Extender will affect their erections. In many cases, Jes Extender will have no affect on erection. However, penis extension can help certain men get harder, longer-lasting erections and even treat mild impotence.

Jes Extender woks by causing new cell growth in your body. In young, healthy men, there won’t be much of a difference between these new cells and the older cells. However, older and unhealthy men often have damaged, weak cells in their penises. These cells are not capable of holding large amounts of blood. This is why our erections get weaker and smaller as we age. Further, most men experience weaker blood circulation as they age. This can make affect the penis and make erections become weak.

Will Penis Extension Affect Erection Quality?When you use Jes Extender, you will be forcing your body to produce younger, healthier cells. Over a period of approximately 6 months, your penis will actually contain nearly 50% more cells than before. These new cells will be able to hold more blood than the previously existing cells so your erections get harder than ever.

Every time you wear Jes Extender, you are causing an increase of blood circulation directly to your penis and genital area. Blood flow is not only important for healthy erections, but also for keeping your cells healthy. The increased blood flow means your penis is getting more nutrients and oxygen. For younger men, this means that you are less likely to get erectile dysfunction in the near future.

When you use Jes Extender for penis enlargement, you do not have to worry about it negatively affecting your erections. Rather, you can experience better, firmer erections and keep your penis healthy for the future.