Jes Extender uses a clinically proven method of cytokinesis to make your penis get larger, both in length and in girth. The way that this method works is very similar to lifting weight for growing muscles. Obviously, your penis doesn’t have bones or connective tissues so it cannot lift weights by itself. That is where Jes Extender comes in to give your penis a daily workout for size enhancement.

How Jes Extender WorksWhen you lift weights, you are actually making tiny tears in your muscle tissue. Your body responds to the tears by forcing muscle cells to replicate. The new cells fill in all of the small tears. Over time, your penis will get both wider and longer.

Even though Jes Extender is sometimes called a “penis stretcher”, this term is actually very misleading. While it does work by stretching your penis forward, the size growth does not occur from the stretching. If this were the case, you would end up with an elongated but thinner penis. We know that width is just as (if not more) important than length so this would be very counterproductive. Rather, penis stretching is like a workout for your penis.

As the Jes Extender pulls your penis forward, it makes small tears in your penis tissue. As with weight lifting, these tears get filled in with new cell growth. The more you wear Jes Extender, the more growth you will experience.

It is important to realize that there are limits to penis extension with any device. Think of the weight lifting analogy: you wouldn’t start lifting the heaviest barbells on day one, right? In this same way, you wouldn’t want to start stretching your penis on the maximum tension. Rather, it is important to use a gradual tension when you start penis extension. As you continue through the program, you can increase the tension.

Jes Extender allows you to adjust the tension from 900 to 1200 grams. During clinical trials with Jes Extender, these were the pressures which were most effective and still ensure safe penis extension. All quality penis extenders should be precisely calibrated for tension. If a penis extender doesn’t list its tension or allow you to adjust the tension on the device, then you should avoid it completely: it is not a medical grade extender and could cause your penis harm. Penis extension should never be painful or uncomfortable.

When you order Jes Extender, you will receive a DVD with precise video instructions showing you how to wear the extension device. You will also receive a recommended training program. This training program is clinically tested to give you safe results in the fastest time. However, you How Jes Extender Worksdo not have to follow this exact program. Every time you wear Jes Extender, even if just a couple hours per week, you are getting a larger penis – it will just take longer to reach maximum results.

As with weight lifting, there is a maximum amount of growth that you will experience. Most men experience most penis growth within the first 4 months of using Jes Extender. After that, the growth slows down. Over a course of 6 months, the average gains were 28% of initial length and 19% of initial girth. While results vary, you will get results with Jes Extender! Penis extension is proven to work which is why Jes Extender is confident about its double money-back guarantee!