Euro Extender Review

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Euro Extender Review
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While the Euro Extender looks like a great penis extender, it didn't deliver adequate results compared to other penis extenders available in the market today. You're better off checking the alternatives.
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One of the truest truths in the world is that most men want a bigger penis. Even those who have sizeable specimens always think that they could use half an inch or an inch more.

It is even more important for men who have average-sized penises and those with penises with below-average size. And as we all know, there is only one way in which you can efficiently and safely increase the size of the penis and that is with the best penis extenders.

The one that we are reviewing today is Euro Extender, one that is deservedly among the most popular choices; but is it really the best? Should you buy the Euro Extender as opposed to other penis extenders?

The Euro Extender has been clinically tested to work.

In addition to this, the Euro Extender includes the well-known CE safety mark indicating the approval of professionals in the penis enlargement field.

The company that makes the Euro Extender is so confident about their product that they include a six-month money-back guarantee and also include a warranty that lasts the life of the product. Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied or the extender breaks or becomes inoperable, simply send it back for a full refund.

However, most reviews online don’t paint a very good picture of the penis extender. Some of the complaints include:

  • The complexity of use (if you’re looking for a penis extender that will be easy to use, we highly recommend that you go with the Quick Extender Pro)
  • Inadequate results (for some) even after continued use of the Euro Extender.

Why Is the Euro Extender So Cheap?

At only $99.95, the Euro Extender is one of the cheapest penis traction devices out there. And with the human being’s intrinsic fear for “cheap”, it is only fair that we address this issue.

Many men in other nations of the European Union live in areas that are impoverished and therefore cannot afford an effective penis enlargement device.

Therefore, X4 Labs developed the Euro Extender in response to feedback by consumers in these areas.

The X4 Labs, as the leader in the industry of penis enlargement, have decided to offer this device so that anyone in the world can benefit from their superior design.

Because of the company’s expertise in this area, they have a stretcher for the lowest possible price of $99.95 (if you choose to buy the extender minus the bonuses). And, the best part about it is that the Euro Extender still comes with comfort strap technology!

This is not to say that there is not a cheaper extender on the market. Stretchers like the Ultimate Stretcher or Ultimate Extender cost less than $75 but they still use the outdated and less effective method of noose fixation.

You can buy the Euro Extender Essential Edition (with the comfort strap) for only $199.

This purchase includes free shipping and a warranty for the life of the product. But, the consumer should keep in mind that this package does not come with any spare parts or add-ons because that would increase the price.

Although there are no additional parts included in the package, upgrading is simple with this base model; if you would like to upgrade at any time, you will be able to without any issues. And, the friendly people at X4 Labs are there for you – just call them toll-free!

What Can You Expect from the Euro Extender?

If you are anything like me, you want a larger penis and you want it now.

With the Euro Extender, you can expect:

  • Add 1 – 3 more inches in length within months
  • Larger and Longer-Lasting Erections
  • Elimination of Peyronie’s Disease (curved penis)
  • A Minimum of 3″ Increase in Penis Size
  • Increase in Sex Drive and Overall Sexual Stamina

Euro Extender vs X4 Labs Extender

The X4 Labs Extender comes with some things that the Euro Extender does not; this makes it possible for X4 Labs to offer such an inexpensive device.

The biggest difference between the two devices is the fact that the Euro Extender does not include the Hybrid Support System like the X4 Extender does. If you are not familiar with this technology, it is basically silicone tubing that hugs the penis during extension.

If you are not sure about what method of fixation would work best for you, it is a good idea to take a look at the X4 Labs site so you can choose the best method for fixation.

Another thing that the X4 Labs Extender offers as opposed to the Euro Extender is a Mini Edition for men with less than 2″ of length when not erect. X4 Extenders also have a Girth Edition for men who already have a thick penis and also a Peyronie’s Edition for men that want to fix the curvature of their penis.

Euro Extender Review

The Euro Extender is the perfect device for those who are looking for a medically-proven, comfortable, and inexpensive device that will be effective in enlarging their penis.

Keep in mind, the X4 Deluxe Edition is interchangeable and can adapt to strap fixation from noose fixation. Also, the Deluxe Edition can be used in conjunction with penis exercises.

Note: The price of the X4 Starter Edition is equal to the Euro Extender Essential but there is a difference; the X4 Starter Edition is built to allow for gains up to 7″ flaccid while the Euro Extender Essential Edition will produce gains up to 10.5″. I know this because I have done extensive studies and research between these two devices. Like I said, I suffered from a small penis for many years until I found something that works.

Because of this, I found it necessary to conclude and share the fact that the Euro Extender Essential Edition is the best device under $200. Though if you want to see gains past 10.5″, the X4 Labs Deluxe Edition will take you there!


Euro Extender comes to us from a company that is well-known among people who know a thing or two about penis enlargement. This company has been around for quite some time and the Euro Extender is the pinnacle of their work. It is an extender that combines everything that you get from the most popular penis extenders and takes it to a whole other level, regardless whether you are talking about the efficacy, the comfort or the effects that can be achieved.


Euro Extender is basically not that different from the majority of other penis extenders. It works under the principle of continuous stretching that ultimately leads to a permanent gain in penis length and girth. Through this constant stretching, the cells are divided and the ultimate result of this is the permanent increase that can be up to 2 or 3 inches in length and more than 30% in girth. Moreover, Euro Extender is also able to correct the curvature of the penis and to enhance the quality of the erections through improved vascularity of newly-created penile tissue.


One of the best things about Euro Extender is that it is incredibly comfortable to use as its unique design ensures no irritation or discomfort when the device is worn. As a result of this, the man using this penis extender can wear it for longer periods of time which directly enhances the results achieved. In addition to this, it is very easily concealed under the clothes, allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time even when you are away from home.


euro extender reviewEuro Extender is also one of the most affordable penis extenders on the market which is a surprise when you consider that it is made from highest quality materials and that it is simply put one of the most advanced penis extenders on the market.

Furthermore, the company that sells it is more than forthcoming towards their customers and you are never left without someone to talk to.

With the 6 month guarantee that means you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with Euro Extender, it becomes clear that we are talking about an offer you cannot resist.

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