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Penis Extenders Review – Compare Penis Extenders

Throughout history, humans have been intrigued by penile enlargement, particularly by big penises. Cavern sketches from 430 BC show humankind leaders with large penises blessing their villages. A lot of cultures around the world posses erected big penis, gravestones, statues, and temples.

Actually, archaeologists are bringing to light samples of art that show Gods pictured with big penises. We can see that there was a big interest in penis enlargement by the part of our ancients cultures.

Men from all periods of history have gone to extreme and dangerous lengths to expand the size of their penises and the duration of their erections.

Even though some common “experts” say a female only feels the first few inches, most women concur that a bigger penis is better.

In addition, a longer penis can be used in a lot more sexual positions than a smaller one.

Most homosexual men concur that a bigger penis is more attractive in a partner. As men, they know that larger is definitely better.

Let’s try to focus on why are more and more men looking to increase the size of their penises and improve their lovemaking techniques.

Simply put, female sexual dissatisfaction and personal confidence.

That’s why our penis extenders review website has been created. Whatever the reason may be, more and more women are faking orgasms and the male-female orgasm gap is growing wider.


Penis Extenders Review – Compare Penis Extenders


In the biggest survey on the sexual theme in America taken since 1994, clinicians from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion discovered that 85 percent of male claim that their latest sexual partner reached climax, while 64 percent of women related that actually happened, only 26 percent of females reached climax from normal penetration.

Most women, when they are unsatisfied with their sexual partner, find a new one. Let’s take a look at women’s answers:

Most likely you made a research on internet for best penis enlargement programs, extenders, pills, exercises and found a lot of them. The crappiest factor is that they all guarantee you best gains, but only some of them really worth. Penis enlargement industry is very large and offers plentiful methods to enlarge penis. To settle this now penis enlargement pills don’t work alone. The penis is a muscle. If you get pills without proper training your muscle won’t grow.

If you work any other muscle in your body and use a mass gainer, your muscle will get bigger. The same thing happens with penis muscle.

Penis enlargement pills in conjunction with penis exercises (jelqing exercises) will work. Unfortunately, the major problem with jelqing exercises is that this method is only a temporary solution, and although it’s being proven to help enlarge your penis by 1-1.3 inches, to keep these results depends on constant training.

Currently, the most effective ways are penis extendersPenis extenders are the deluxe version of penis exercises. Using a penis extender device (e.g. penis stretcher, traction device)) generally provides good results.

The most important thing you should consider is the quality of a penis extender device, is it medically backed and tested by doctorsguaranteesupport and how much money you can you afford to spend for a penis extender system.