Best Penis Extender Reviews

A penis extender has become one of the most popular ways of enlarging the size of a man’s penis.

However, when it comes to the actual purchase and usage of these devices, there might be some things that people are not aware of and therefore they might experience some unpleasant situations only due to the lack of information. This is why this article will deal with some of the most important aspects when penis extenders are in question.

First of all, before you even start using a penis extender you, of course, have to buy one. Thus, there are a few important facts you should know about the certain features of different extenders.

Of course, to be on the safe side you can always opt for the one that is most popular. However, you can also research a little which is now very easy thanks to the Internet and find the extender that will meet all your needs.

What you should definitely not do is opt for the cheap products for they are usually made of materials that are not fine and this can cause some skin irritation or other unpleasant consequences.

Fine, once you have bought your own penis extender, what you should be careful about is not to begin your treatment with the top possible level.

In fact, you should start with the first level stretching and then increase it gradually for in this way the results will be optimal.

Also, you should not wear it for too many hours per day. You should start with one hour daily during the first week and then also gradually increase the time period.

The best way is to increase by one hour every week along with the increase of traction until you reach the sixth week when you can start wearing all day long.

What is also important is that, when you have reached the sixth week, you start wearing the extender as long as possible.

So, if you have used it regularly, as described above, you will very soon be able to wear it for a much longer time which can be ten hours a day or more. With this reached, the results will be maximized and you will soon fulfill your dreams.

Some of the best penis extenders also come with certain exercises that help improve the results and reach them quicker. So, if your penis extender offers this, make sure that you use it and do these exercises as it is prescribed.

All in all, these are some of the basic facts that you should know when using penis extenders. Now that you are aware of the, bear them in mind once you decide to purchase a penis extender and later on when you start using it as well. If you follow these pieces of advice, you will soon be more than satisfied with the results that will be visible very quickly. So, if you still haven’t got your penis extender, hurry up and start making your dreams come true.

How the Traction Penis Devices Work

To a large majority of people today, what matters most when sexual relations are in question is, of course, the size.

Thus, many men who are not satisfied with their own dimensions opt for different solutions in order to achieve the results they wish for. There are many possible solutions such as taking pills or undergoing surgery, but the one that has become very popular over the last several years is the so-called penis extender.

This is a kind of mechanism that uses no herbs, no knives nor any other invasive measures to enlarge your penis. It only uses a scientifically approved process. Thus, let us have a look at the basic characteristics of this device.

So, the scientifically tested and approved process in question is penis traction. It is actually stretching – the stretching of the penis.

Now, this certainly sounds pretty painful to you, but it is not. It is, in fact, very gentle and when you use it you do not even feel it. The fact is that most of the penis extenders can be adjusted in order to fit your own dimensions and this is what provides comfort and safety.

Also, the extenders are made of very light and fine materials which are very friendly to the skin and which will not harm your body in any way.

However, here is what actually happens once you apply a pennies extender. First of all, you should adjust the size of it so that it is only a bit longer than your penis. After you have adjusted it, the stretching begins. Because of this stretching, tiny rips will occur in the penis tissue.

Again, this probably sounds painful, but rest assured that it is not. In fact, the rips are so small that you cannot see them or feel them. So, after they have occurred, there will ensue a reaction from your body.

Actually, it will work and produce new cells and new tissue in order to heal them and fill the missing parts. Thus, the penis will gradually gain more tissue. The more tissue – the larger the penis and both in length and girth.

When it comes to the results, research has been conducted that has shown that if you use a penis extender for approximately six months and on a daily basis, you will gain about an inch and a half in length and about half an inch in girth.

However, if this is not your goal you may easily continue using it until you reach the wanted results. What is most important is that these results that you achieve are permanent and they will not wear off once you stop using the extender.

All in all, a penis extender is a really useful device which will definitely bring you the wanted results and which will do this in a way that is both safe and efficient. Doctors also recommend the use of extenders because of its safety and because of the permanent results.

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Basic Guidelines on Using A Penis Stretcher

When it comes to penis enlargement options, there is really a great variety of different choices.

However, some that men most often choose for different reasons are usually medical (enlargement) surgery, different pills that are usually based on natural ingredients and, apparently, the most popular of all, penis extenders which are, in fact, devices that use science and mechanics to fulfill your desires.

Thus, this article will provide some details on how to use these devices and hopefully, it will be of help to you.

First of all, a penis extender is based on the principle of traction with stretching. Thus, it stretches your penis in a way that is not harmful or painful and because of the mechanism, it is reasonable that an extender can be adjusted by every individual so that it fits his own size.

Thus, the first thing you should do after you have put on your penis extender is adjust it according to your own penis so that there is only slight stretching.

Further on, since what happens when your penis is stretched is that small tears occur in the tissue of the penis, your body will respond with a certain reaction. In fact, it will start producing more of the same tissue in order to repair the newly occurred ‘damages’.

In this way, your penis will gain more and more tissue over time. Thus, it is important that you wear the extender on a regular basis. It is recommended that you use it several hours a day, but you might want to start with shorter periods first. For instance, during the first week, you can use it one hour a day and later on you can gradually increase this time. Of course, you should also adjust the length of the extender as the length of your penis increases as well.

best penis stretcher reviews

As for the overall time of applying an extender, it will depend on the needs and wants of an individual.

However, research has shown that after several average men have used this device on a daily basis during the period of six months, they gained approximately one inch and a half in the length of their penis and half of an inch in the girth.

For some, this is more than they need and, accordingly, they will reach the results they wanted in a shorter time and for those who want more than this, it will take some time longer.

In a nutshell, these are all the necessary facts you need to know about the way to use a penis extender. So, you should be careful about when adjusting it and make sure you do not stretch your penis too much and you should start with shorter daily periods and then gradually increase the time you wear the extender. All in all, the way to use it is very simple and once you put it on, everything will come to its place. Thus, hurry up and start making your own happiness.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Penis Extenders

Size is definitely what matters most to the majority of men today. Thus, as a response form a large number of companies, today we have a market crammed with a lot of different products for penis enlargement. Apart from pills, pumps and surgical solutions, the most popular method is definitely the one with penis extenders. However, not every penis extender will yield the same results because of the different designs and different quality. Thus, in order for you to find the perfect extender for you, this article will deal with the most important features that you should pay attention to.

First of all, before you decide about your choice you should conduct a small research of your own in order to find which product has best characteristics. So, first things first, you should pay attention to the materials a penis extender is made of. This is very important for the materials that are rough and of low quality can easily irritate the skin of the penis which is very sensitive and thus cause different allergic reactions. Thus, choose a penis extender that is made of fine and light materials and you will have no problems with skin irritation and you won’t even feel the extender while you are wearing it.

Another important issue is the design of a penis extender and this concerns to different features. Firstly, the low-quality extenders do not have the option to adjust the level of traction and thus they may cause rather unpleasant sensation and the feeling that your penis is stretched too much. So, the best option is to choose the extenders that are adjustable so that you can completely enjoy the results that will ensue.

The other feature concerning the design of a penis extender is the part of it that is should be placed around the head of the penis. In fact, some extenders have a loop here and some have a strap and your choice should be the one with the strap.

In fact, the loop is not so wind and it resembles a ring. Although it is elastic, due to its narrowness it can easily dig into the tissue of the penis and thus cause the circulation to stop which can, in the long run, even cause the tissue to die out because there is nothing for it to feed on. On the other hand, the strap is quite wide and it definitely cannot dig into the penis tissue and it is more comfortable than the loop.

best penis traction deviceAll in all, these are the three most important features that you should pay attention to when researching. Thus, take a good look at the characteristics of every penis extender that you might find good and then decide which of those would be the best choice for you. Now that you are aware of these facts go ahead and research, find your own perfect penis extender and soon you will be able to enjoy the benefits it will bring you.

The most incredible penis extenders on the market

1. Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender™ is the Original Penis Traction Device.

It is a clinically proven method to enlarge your penis at home. It is easy to use and no medical advice is required.

The Jes-Extender can be worn both at night while you sleep and under your clothing at work and at home – you have the full control about how you fit it in your life.

There is no other penis traction device like it.

There is no better way to combine safety and effectiveness in one penis device. This extender is the end result of years of in-depth research, investigation and fine-tuning. It is so easy to gain inches with such a quality device.

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According to customers feedback and last in-depth research, we’ve made the Vimax extender is far away better than the original Jes Extender. The Vimax extender is almost the same as the Jes but is cheaper and ships worldwide for free.

Why is Jes Extender The Right Penis Traction Device for You?

Jes Extender Review – 5 statements prove that Jes is a good solution to add at least +3 inches in a few months. Most users report more than 8% gains after the first month and many more if you continue to use the device.

  1. Fast results. Most customers report an increase in size between 30% and 44%usually in time equivalent to the amount of time required for surgery rehabilitation. Please note: you keep your full sexual functionality during enlargement using Jes Extender penis traction device in opposition to surgery.
  2. Designed and approved by leading Doctors. Developing such a successful penis device is almost impossible without a team of experienced doctors and designers.
    Fine-tuned precise traction mechanism guarantee comfort and fast gains. It is constructed especially from only the highest quality Class 1 Medical components and best possible non-allergenic silicon and anti-corrosive metals. The Lock and Load feature allows you to wear this penis traction device without having to re-adjust it. EU Manufactured and CE standard of safety.
  3. Clinically Proven Results. Are you willing to put a cheap angular gadget on your penis? I am more concerned with my health more than with money so I am always trying to purchase the best available product. I would never purchase anything that is not clinically proven that comes with at least a 6-month guarantee. We review Jes Extender – it comes with lifetime warranty.
  4. Guaranteed enlargement and full warranty. The Jes Extender Original Edition comes with 2-year warranty. Lifetime warranty with Gold Edition. READ MORE
  5. Affordable, quality system available. The dreams come true with Jes Extender – there are several penis traction device packages to suit your budget. Nothing is impossible. You can’t justify your reason for not taking action to increase your penis size anymore.





We are dealing with three of the most amazing and popular penis extenders available today – X4Labs penis extender, Euro Extender, and SizeGenetics.

These three devices have been at the forefront of the entire penis extender industry for years and there are good reasons why this has happened.

In this article, we will give you a short comparison between these three devices and we will try and give you an insight in which of these might be the best solution for you. Penis Enlargement is not impossible and you don’t need surgery, these products can help as they offer great benefits at a great value price.

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When we are talking about the prices of these three extenders, it is important to point out that all three of them are in roughly the same price range. The difference in prices never exceeds a few tens of dollars, which is not something that will influence your choice of a penis extender.

We would also like to point out that all of these three options, Euro Extender, X4Labs and SizeGenetics have a number of models to choose from and you will need to research these in detail in order to make the best possible decision for yourself.

If you are looking for a penis extender, then you should feel confident in picking one of these three penis extenders!

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When it comes to the effectiveness of these products, it should also be pointed out that they are very close. However, at least judging by the reports from customers and certain studies, it has been shown that X4Labs penis extender is the most effective, with Euro Extender very near and SizeGenetics bringing up the rear with results that are only slightly less astounding than the first two options. We would also like to point out that while this is a general consensus, there are still those users who will claim differently.

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If you thought that they might differ in the time that it takes to achieve the results, you are wrong once again. Namely, all three products come with roughly the same time necessary to achieve the results. To an extent, X4Labs penis extender is quicker, but we are talking weeks here. All in all, within 6 months, you should get the results you were looking for, which should in no way prevent you from continuing to use your penis extender in order to achieve better results.

We would also like to say something about the safety of these three products. When it comes to safety, they are absolutely the same in that they are all perfectly safe. No matter which of these you choose, you can rest assured that nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen and that you will suffer no unwanted effects with either of the three. They are perfectly safe and you will experience nothing but the benefits.

In short, these three are very similar, with X4Labs penis extender being superior to Euro Extender and SizeGenetics, but only very slightly. In general, all three are perfectly sound choices and you will not go wrong with either of them. On the contrary.



The Right Way to Use A Penis Extender

best penis extendersPenis extenders have become a very popular means to enlarge the size of a penis. In fact, it has become even more popular than pills or crèmes, pumps and other different solutions that are offered on the market. The reason for this is simple – they are efficient, they are safe and their results are permanent.

However, it might happen that people who have already purchased their own penis extender are still not sure how exactly they should wear it. Thus, this article will deal with some questions concerning the right way to use this amazing device.

To begin with, let us first explain how a penis extender works. In fact, its principle is based on traction which actually means stretching.

Thus, once you apply the extender your penis will start stretching. However, there is nothing to worry about pain or discomfort for the high-quality extenders are made of very fine materials and the traction is only slight – so much that you will barely feel it and this traction will make tiny little tears in the tissue of the penis – which you won’t feel either.

Now, there will ensue a reaction from your body which will be creating new tissue in order to fill the missing space and to heal the tears that have occurred.

Thus, over time, you will have more and more of penis tissue and the more of it you have, the larger your penis will be. This is why it is essential that you wear your extender regularly – in order to reach the best results.

As for how long you should wear it, it is recommended that you start with smaller periods of time. In fact, the best way is to wear it for about an hour during the first week and later on increase the period with the weeks.

Thus, you should wear for two hours a day during the second week, for three hours during the third week and so on until you reach the sixth week. After the sixth week has ended, you can start wearing it for as much as you want, but still be consistent and wear it on a daily basis.

When it comes to the overall period of applying it, this will depend on how much you wish to achieve and, of course, it will vary from person to person since we are all different. Nevertheless, the results of a research show that after six months the approximate gain in length is about one inch and a half and in the girth about half of an inch.

All in all, these are pretty much all the facts that you should be aware of in order to apply your penis extender properly and in order to reach best results. Thus, now that you know how it works and how exactly to use it, go ahead – get yourself a penis extender and very soon you will enjoy in the first results it will provide you with.

Penis Extenders vs Male Enhancement Pills

The market today is crammed with a great variety of different products for improving your sexual performance, for increasing the size of your penis and for many other enhancements concerning your sex life. A vast majority of these products are actually pills with different ingredients – natural or not and with different affects they offer. However, there is another way of improving your sex life and increasing the size and this is with the help of certain devices called penis extenders. Now, there are a lot of pill supporters, but the supporters of penis extenders are great in number also. So, let us have a look at the actual advantages and disadvantages of these two types of enhancement products.

To begin with, let us have a look at how the majority of enhancement pills work. In fact, what they all promise is the improvement of your stamina, larger penis and other attractive results and most of these pills are based on natural ingredients – mostly herbs. They do work, and the results can be seen quite quickly. However, what these pills cannot promise is an improvement which is permanent and the effects of the pills are very likely to wear off within a few days after you stop taking the pills. Furthermore, their safety is also questionable in that some people may be allergic to certain herbs or other ingredients and thus suffer from some serious reactions after taking a pill. Also, some pills (usually those which are not based on natural ingredients) may easily cause different side effects which can range from not so serious to very serious.

Now, when it comes to a penis extender, the only worry that you can have about it is whether it is made of quality materials and this can be easily checked. Since it works by slightly stretching the penis, it is very important that it is made of very fine materials so that it does not cause for any irritation to occur. The most important feature is the part that goes around the head of the penis and it is advisable to choose the extender where there is a strap in this place and not a loop for a loop can easily stop the circulation which can then lead to some consequences that might be serious. Thus, choose the ones that are made of fine materials and those that have a strap.

To sum up, considering the abovementioned facts, it can be deducted that there are two major differences between the extenders and the pills. In fact, the use of pills may easily lead to the occurrence of different side effects and it can also happen that they interact with other drugs with a risk of bringing some serious damage to your body. On the other hand, this cannot happen with penis extenders due to the nature of their mechanism and the quality of its materials is the only thing you should check before buying one. Hopefully, this article helped you make up your mind.